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Sources Consulted

Primary Sources


Debates and proceedings in the Victorian Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council were recorded and printed as the Victorian Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). These many volumes have been used extensively, and are available online at:- Historical Hansard

Parliamentary Papers

The Victorian Railways was a government Department prior to 1883, when it became the world’s first statutory corporation. Prior to 1883 Parliament held numerous inquiries into railway affairs. Inquiries continued after 1883, but not as frequently. These sometimes voluminous documents were tabled as Parliamentary Papers, and those listed below provided a valuable source of information for this history. They are available online at:- Parliamentary Papers

Papers Relating to the Chewton Station, Railway Breaks, etc., Victorian Parliamentary Papers (VPP), 1864-65, A 22.
Railway Department First Report of the Board of Land and Works, VPP 1859-60, No. 26.
Railway Stations, VPP 1864-65, C 21
Report from the Select Committee on Railway Contracts, VPP 1864-65, D 20.
Report from the Select Committee on Railway Extension, 1865, VPP 1864-65, D 24.
Report from the Select Committee on the Colac Railway, VPP 1867, D.11.
Report of the English engineers consulting by direction of the late government on the subject of rails, etc., and the rolling stock of the North Eastern Railway, VPD 1870, Vol. 10.
Report of the Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly upon Railways, VPP 1857, No. D 37
Report of the Select Committee on Railway Extension, VPP 1869, D 10.
Report of the Select Committee on Railways, 31 August 1871, VPP 1871,Vol.1, D5.
Report on the Observations on Railways made during a tour in 1874 and 1875, undertaken by direction of the Government of Victoria, by Thomas Higinbotham’. VPP, 1876, Vol. 2, No.15.
Mr. R.G. Ford, Engineer for Construction’ VPP, 1882-83, Vol. 2, No. 3.
Evidence taken at the Bar of the Legislative Council on the Railway Bill, VPP 1871, D 4.
Select Committee upon Victorian Water Supply, VPP 1869, D 6.
Report of the Select Committee on the Railways of the Colony, Queensland Parliamentary Papers, 1866, Vol. 9, No. 38, 4 October 1866. Appendix M.
Report of the Survey of the Woodend portions of the proposed North Eastern line of Railway VPP 1867, C 39.
Memoranda on Railway Extension in Victoria, VPP 1868, A 13
Correspondence in Relation to the Recent Construction and Working of Railways in England and Elsewhere, VPP 1869, No. 41.
Recent Construction and Working, VPP 1869, No. 41.
Further Correspondence on Broad and Narrow Gauge Railways. VPP 1872, A 4.
Further information received in correspondence with the Agent-General in relation to the recent Construction and Working of Railways in England and elsewhere, VPP 1869, A 26.
Report of Mr. Elsdon on Railway Construction, and the report of Mr. Higinbotham on the same subject, VPP 1871, C 1.
Report of the Board appointed to enquire into the management of the Williamstown Workshops, VPP 1869, No. 73.
Williamstown Railway Workshops, Observations and Statement of the Engineer-in-Chief, VPP 1869, A 48.
Railway Gauge: Copy of Letter from the Agent General, VPD, 1872, Vol. 1, A.3.
Report of the Overseer of Workshops and Locomotives to the Hon. The Commissioner of Railways, VPP 1871, C 2.
Narrow Gauge Railways, Queensland, VPP 1871, A 26.
Railway Gauge. Copy of a letter transmitted by the Agent General from Walter E. Evans, C.E. of New York, VPP 1872, A 13.
Railway Locomotives, VPP 1871, C 3.
Locomotive Engine No. 51. Report of the Board of Inquiry, VPP 1871, A 16.
Select Committee on Railways, VPP 1871, D 5.
Victorian Railways – Branches and Officers, VPP 1882-82, C 7.
Locomotives Nos. 103 and 105, VPP 1874, C 11.
Correspondence and Return Relative to Proposed Lines of Railway, VPP, 1873, No. 86.
Public Departments – Persons Employed, VPP 1882-83, C 14,
Officers of Railways and Public Works Departments whose services have been dispensed with, VPP 1878, C 2.
Civil Establishment for the Year 1865, VPP 1867, No. 1.
Civil Establishment of the Colony of Victoria for the Year 1866, VPP 1867, No. 40.
Echuca Bridge; Report of the Royal Commission, VPP 1878, No. 57.
Negotiations between the Government of Victoria and the Melbourne and Hobson’s Bay United Railway Company for the Purchase of their Property, VPP 1876, No. 53.
Public Departments – Persons Employed In and Promoted Since 1st July 1881, VPP 1882-83, Vol. 1, C.14.
Public Departments, VPP, 1882-83, Vol. 1, C.14.
Woods Continuous Brake, VPP 1882-83, Vol. 1, C.20.
Woods and Westinghouse Continuous Automatic Railway Brakes, Report of the Brake Trial Board, VPP 1883, No. 14.
Board of Inquiry on Lancefield Railway Accident, VPP 1888, No. C19.
Correspondence between the Minister of Railways and the Railways Commissioners, VPP 1891. No. C16.
Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways, Fourth General Report, 26 June 1896, VPP1896, No. 13.

Railway Annual Reports

An essential primary source of official information is contained in the Railway Annual Reports. They have been digitised and are available online at:- here

Search terms:-
Victorian Railways: report of the Board of Land and Works
Victorian Railways: report of the Victorian Railways Commissioners


Nineteenth Century newspapers are generally factual and extensive in their reporting, with much detail that provides essential background. Over one hundred newspapers have been consulted. These are digitised and are available at National Library of Australia.

Similarly, those from New Zealand are available at :- Papers Past.


Age, Argus, Australasian, Bacchus Marsh Express, Ballarat Courier, Ballarat Star, Banner, Bell’s Life in Victoria and Sporting Chronicle, Advocate, Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, Alexandra and Yea Standard, Ararat Advertiser, Australasian Sketcher with Pen and Pencil, Australasian Sketcher, Australian Town and Country Journal, Avoca Mail, Bairnsdale Advertiser and Tambo and Omeo Chronicle, Bendigo Advertiser, Bendigo Independent, Champion, Coburg Leader, Colonial Mining Journal Railway and Share Gazette, Euroa Advertiser, Free Lance, Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer, Geelong Advertiser, Gippsland Times, Great Southern Advocate, (Korumburra), Hamilton Spectator, Herald, Horsham Times, Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers, Illustrated Australian News, Independent, (Footscray), Kerang New Times, Kyneton Guardian, Leader, Lilydale Express and Yarra Glen Wandin Yallock Upper Yarra Healesville and Ringwood Chronicle, McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser, Melbourne Punch, Mildura Cultivator, Morwell Advertiser, Mount Alexander Mail, Narracan Shire Advocate, North Eastern Ensign (Benalla), North Melbourne Advertiser, North Melbourne Courier and West Melbourne Advertiser, Ovens and Murray Advertiser (Beechworth), Portland Guardian, Record (Emerald Hill), South Bourke and Mornington Journal, (Richmond), Sportsman, Sunbury News and Bulla and Melton Advertiser, Table Talk, Telegraph St Kilda Prahran and South Yarra Guardian, Tocsin Victorian Farmers Journal and Gardeners Chronicle, Victorian Government Gazette, Weekly Times, Williamstown Chronicle, Wodonga and Towong Sentinel, Yackandandah Times.

South Australia

Adelaide Observer, Advertiser, Border Watch, (Mount Gambier), Camperdown Chronicle, Chronicle, Evening Journal, Express and Telegraph, Narracoorte Herald, Northern Argus (Clare), Register (Adelaide), South Australian Advertiser, South Australian Register, South Australian Weekly Chronicle, Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser.

New South Wales

Australian Windsor Richmond and Hawkesbury Advertiser, Barrier Miner, Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, Corowa Free Press, Daily Telegraph, Evening News, Goulburn Herald, Illawarra Mercury, Le Courrier Australien (Sydney), Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser, Maitland Weekly Mercury, Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, Sydney Morning Herald


Brisbane Courier, Darling Downs Gazette and General Advertiser, Queensland Times Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser, Queenslander, Capricornian (Rockhampton), Telegraph, The Week, Worker

Western Australia

Bunbury Herald, Sun (Kalgoorlie), Swan Express, (Midland Junction), W.A. Record, West Australian Sunday Times, West Australian, Westralian Worker


Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston), Courier (Hobart), Daily Telegraph (Launceston), Examiner (Launceston), Hobart Town Courier, Launceston Examiner, Mercury, Tasmanian (Launceston), Tasmanian News (Hobart), Zeehan and Dundas Herald.

New Zealand

Lyttelton Times, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand Times, Otago Daily Times, The Press(Christchurch)


Derby Mercury

Secondary Sources


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